About others who are offering information

It is my intent to give you an overview about Austrian folk dancing and related material, where I see "related" in a very generous sense.

It's up to the reader to pick out what he needs.

This is an open collection and try to list or mention everyone who is "related" to Austrian folk dancing.

If someone is NOT listed ...

If someone is not mentioned here, it's just because I do not know about him or I did not have the time to add him to my collection.

Of course people who ask me to be listed do have a better chance to be mentioned since it has to be honored if someone is engaged.

And it's simply easier for me ;-)

Unfortunately sometimes it takes some days or even weeks until I add a link. Sorry if this happens to you.

"Official" organisations

Until now [April 1999] there are very few Austrian (folk) organisations which are offering their service via Internet, however, it seems that it is starting now ... :-)

Unfortunately some of these organisations either do not have the experience or the will to exchange links and so it is sometimes just a lucky coincidence that I get informed about their presence in the net.

So, if you get knowledge of someone who is not listed, simply tell me.

I don't even have a problem to list someone who does not list me. Hopefully with growing experience each information provider will find out that working together is the better way ;-)

At least the nicer way ...

Please, encourage the other providers to tell me about their pages.

(Except the ones who do not want. )

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