Folk Dancing in Slovakia

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From: <armata@vms.cis.pitt.edu> (Joe Armata
Date: 1 Feb 97 22:46:18 EDT


In Slovakia, there's also the Vychodna Folk Festival, on 
July 4-6.  


Newsgroups: rec.folk-dancing
From: <buhlemann@aol.com> (BUhlemann)
Date: 3 Feb 1997 06:42:21 GMT

Let me second the recommendation of the Vychodna festival in Slovakia--the
setting is spectacular (wonderful hiking in the area, and some wonderful
old historic towns).  There is a tour going there this summer through OPA!
Folklore Studies (call Rae Tauber, 7560/5 Eads Ave. , La Jolla, CA 92037 
619/456-2264 for info).
John Uhlemann
St. Louis, Missouri

Newsgroups: rec.folk-dancing
From: <armata@vms.cis.pitt.edu>
Date: 5 Feb 97 10:07:12 EDT

Here's some more info on festivals in Slovakia:

Turiec/Martin - June 14-16
Myjava - June 21-23
Upper Hron (B Bystrica, Helpa, Brezno) - June 21-23
Vychodna - July 5-7
Detva - July 12-14