Record Shops

Since I am sometimes asked for records I must say that I can give you just some pointers and cannot order the records for you or even sell it to you.

Please tell me if you get aware of good resources for ordering records. - Thanks!

Traditional music

Less traditional, more popular music

For example, if you are looking for the so-called volkstümliche Musik which is very popular and (therefore?) commercial.

Please check the page about volkstümliche Musik to see if the wanted record is of this category.

That page is written in German, however, you may find your group there and at the end of the page there are pointers to organisations which might be able to help you.

Ordering via the Internet

<http://www.hard-to-find.co.uk> say "... we will attempt to find any record released ..." - could be a hard job in the field of Austrian traditional music ;-)

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